Muslim Wedding Clothing

What Color Muslims Prefer To Wear At Wedding Ceremony

Posted on April 23, 2018

Wedding season is knocking the door for upcoming Muslim wedding ceremony, but what idea came to your mind including choice of your family members too. Wedding ceremony, it's all about to shopping everything you need for the big day as a bride and groom because both are special or chief participants of this most dreaming matrimony occasion. Muslim bride and groom prefer an amazing outfit based on their color choice what seems favourite and much prettier on their personality outfit. Muslim marriage celebrations are simpler and traditional thus, dress code recommendation might be simple and sober, but the matchmaking couple choices is included what they wish to wear on their wedding special. In a Muslim wedding, it is the most significant day of bride and groom’s life what every couple wants to make so special with so many cheerful and stunning arrangements. It will be a pleasant experience for the couple, worn favourite modest green color outfit by bride and brown light sherwani or kurta with churidaar by a groom.

In Muslims, bright green and pinks are most favourite colors for a bride to be. You are free to choose stylish attire for the big day, but it must be an etiquette and modest. However the color choice is free for Muslim bride and groom too, if they wish to wear rainbow colors, multicolour combination easily can buy. A good color choice enlightens the mood of a couple who are going to tie a nuptial knot soon.

Are you going to attend the marriage ceremony or reception because you are recommended differently for both stylish wears? If this is a wedding ceremony truly chooses awesome good color fitting heavy dress to participate in such a big event but when it comes to reception party stay as simple and modest as you can. As a woman, you must remember not to show much skin and avoid wearing short-skirts. But if you are in the holy ‘Mosque’ you must cover your hair to seek blessings from Allah.

As a Muslim groom wears a simple suit or a tux on the wedding day looks handsome. Don’t go wrong for wedding wear or color choice because all the eyes are on your personality outfit either you are in traditional or modern dress code. Wearing gold and black is considered suitable for a Muslim groom. But, if you have some doubts in your mind brown, bright color is good enough to wear on Muslim matrimony.