Muslim Traditional Marriage System With Ever Changing Style

Posted on Oct 24, 2018

Muslim traditional marriage system is one of the ceremony based on Nikah and the Qazi who gives the nod for the Muslim Nikah. Now, talking about the marriage which is generally based on written documents which can be in the terms of "nikahnama" and the money which is spend over the various expenditures is also calculated and given the details to each parties involved in the marriage. The traditional marriage is also about fixing the meeting at the guy house and getting the details about the kind of clothing, fruits and other articles including jewelry to be given in front of the family members and also the both side gets satisfied about the various expenditures which has been given the nod by the society.

The person in concern about the various thoughts about the issues related to traditional Muslim marriage is the multiple marriage system which can be seen into Arab and other such places where polygamy is a common ritual. The thoughts about having multiple marriage as they can be allowed to marry four women and sometimes more can be another thoughtful of the Muslim traditions. The woman although can find it to be good enough as they are not allowed to create any objection in this regards. Now, thinking about the way of Nikah to the Talaq it is all about saying the word Talaq thrice and then things get over.

If the person thinks about getting the same thought process about having the intrinsic details about the Muslims then the other famous things which make them a bit different is their food culture. Whether, one talks about the Indian subcontinent or the Arab along with Afghan and other parts of the world, the delicacies which are bought from the Muslim culture cannot be compared with the process related to bringing the best through the Muslim community. The culture boasts about the various food from non-veg to veg items and thus give the culture of food and customs to carry at the same time.

Now, the other thought which makes the change in style can be the dressing sense which is not about the coat and the suit but if one thinks about the various ways of dressing then the sherwani and also the traditional Kurta and Pyjama are bought in life with the colorful attire of the Muslim women who carry their outfits in style and elegance. So, thinking about enjoying a Muslim traditional marriage then defining of the culture and the beliefs are carried best in this religion and the attitude is respectful and a demeanor which creates Muslim a society away from every others.