Things to Consider For Fixing an Auspicious Muslim Marriage Date

Posted on Mar 20, 2018

Fixing marriage date is a big deal determined after a lot of consideration to unite two different people in a marriage relationship. It takes long hours, days and weeks to finalize auspicious marriage date. But choosing a wedding date is not always an easy task because various mandatory aspects are considered to tie a nuptial knot between a well-matured couple. How and where to start a discussion for seeking marriage alliance between Muslim bride and groom. At the moment you announce marriage alliance make sure is this an appropriate age for your son or daughter to tie a nuptial knot.

Start asking questions to fix an auspicious date of a blissful alliance for entire life. Both families gather to arrange a meeting where boy’s family offers a grand feast including veg and non-veg dishes for the girl family. Due to existing perceptions, Muslim people believe that holding marriages are not good, especially during some particular months of Shawwal, Dhu al-Hijjah, or Muharram. Praise God (Allah) who sent you on this earth for accomplishing overall responsibilities where marital obligations are much important. What to know about fixing marriage date get more information here:

An Auspicious Marriage Date

Both parties have a certain date in mind to unite bride and groom, but consider first is this good time or not for bride and groom. There are many special days for couples such as Valentine’s day is the lover’s day unites two hearts. If this is a good time to marry don’t miss this chance fix a wedding date by seeking blessings of Allah.


A wedding is all about season what’s on your mind concerning auspicious marriage date. Do you want to celebrate a special event indoor or outdoor where indoor means you have chosen a grand some venue and outdoor means a beautiful resort or beach to tie a nuptial knot?


Among Muslims, as already mentioned in the above context some months are not good for marriage such as Shawwal and Muharram. This is a major consideration embarking of marriage process is a wise decision. Is this summer or winter time when you are going to arrange a marriage? Muslim couple might be concerned about weather conditions thus, you must consider it before fixing marriage date.

Marriage Views

There is no restriction marrying at any time or place, but Nikah must be lawfully accomplished. In the case of Ihram or in Iddah (appointed waiting time of a woman either after divorce or death of her husband). Thus, it is a notice marrying to someone during such times is prohibited or considered an evil in the society.

However, in some cases, such meaningless superstitions are the whims and ignorance nothing more than this.