Muslim wedding clothing

Muslim Groom Clothing Carrying The Family Tradition

Posted on June 27, 2018

Muslims are one of the second biggest religions after Christianity and people who are into the various countries from Arabs to India and also various other countries are much of the person away from propagandas. The Muslim is much towards a character which is bestowed towards religious practices and is always thankful to the mercy of Allah.

The Muslim marriage ceremony is one of the best in terms of ceremonial practices as it asks for less spending on venue and more onto the food and dressing. The glitz and glamour are associated with dressings along with the groom being sober and elegant in their dressing sense.

The wedding dresses for groom are within their style and it matters more if it carries heavy embroidery. The groom either opt for churidar pyjama or it is about the western outfit. If one talks about the wedding ceremony the sherwani kurta is also giving some selective dressing sense. If a person wants to go for more traditional dressing design then they carry a bundi over the kurta-pyjama which adds hue to the colorful attire which is generally either cream or peach in color.

One could have seen many turbans of the Punjabi but a pathan when wears a turban it is something which does not need to give the style statement a miss. The stylish turban which is more like a kalgi style with ornaments attached to it gives more to the groom a style which he has carried it from his family traditions.

The local influence is also seen in the dressing attire of Muslim wedding clothing as the groom can also go for Bandh gala coat, Jodhpuri suit or the pathan suit which carries the local fervor of the famous Darjee chacha who has been part of the family virasat in making the clothes.

Before the Nikah ceremony a veil made of flowers under which the groom face is covered. In other terms it is called Shehra and has religious significance as well. On the wedding day the groom looks handsome and he also goes through many ceremonial rituals which gives him much of the glow. The Noor of the Allah could also be seen on the groom’s face and whether the person belongs to any strata of life he gets equal blessings from the “Holy Quran” and “Allah” as the supreme power does not differentiate between the person, his country or his status but bestows wishes of a happy married life through the best of his angels.