Marriage in Islam

The Importance of Marriage in Islam

Posted on Jan 15, 2019

Islam is one of the religion which has become the torch bearer in the Arab wold and many more countries with getting lot more people under its wings. The people from many of the faiths converted into this prophecy but all about understanding this much complex religion has turned futile for the one who tries to get into it for some sinister reasons. It is more of all about keeping your thought pious and peace within mind is the foundation with no questions in mind related to the women folks as it is considered to be equivalent to the Ibadat or the offerings i.e. the prayer to Allah and thus considering them superior in front of others.

Although, much stands otherwise as it is the nature of man to stray away from the teaching and do every thing on his own rather than considering to be a namaji by thought. With the Allah almighty believers know that women and men are born equal in his eyes the importance of marriage in Islam is more than any other ways to understand the beauty which lies in the heart of man and woman for each other. With the thought of marrying to more than one woman changing very soon all across the continents and getting stick to one family, one religion and one woman taking over the thought of having multiple marriage is also coming to be a different cultural thought as one does not have to forget that Mehr is something which one has to pay and with the time moving forward very fast the second marriage also gives the awkward or enormous amount of Mehr to be paid by the groom’s end.

It is said that marrying a woman for once gives the satisfaction of a life time if most of the duties towards her love fulfillment is done and loyalty is the key factor in life which gives her the wishes of a lifetime fulfilled and it is the same which has been propagated by the messenger of Allah and it carries you more near to the almighty irrespective of any religion. If one has the chances of going through the verses of Quran then one of them states that In one place Allah says in Quran: “O Humans revere your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person created of like nature its mate, and from this scattered (like seeds) countless men and women.

In this way, one can understand that being near to Allah is being near to the loved ones and even if you dot have the wish to do the Ibadat five times giving love and laughter to the family and woman gives equal importance of offering prayers to the Almighty.